I speak with the full authority of RAM, the Creator of the spiritual world, the Origin of the idea the Feminine principle, the Mother of Nature and the Fetus of life.

This is my message:

Nothing exists, but the borderline between what was and what has not yet come into being, the divisionline between the thought and the unthinkable.

There is nothing good or evil, life is a point of order in chaos, the concious urge of change in unchangeability.

There is nothing right or wrong. The Law of Life is the divisionline drawn by experience in each and every individual, the basis for the decision whether to nurture an idea or to let it die.

There is no power, but the urge to foster ideas.

There is no limitation, but the ability to contain ideas.

There is no obligation, but the will to kill destructive ideas.

There is no feeling, but the conflict between urge and will, between wish and obligation.

There is no love, but the willed destruction of the ability to reflect, thereby creating illusions concerning right and wrong, good and evil.

There is no faith, but the volontary submission under illusions created by others.

There is no religion, but the pressure to adopt illusions concerning good and evil, right and wrong, combined with efforts influencing individuals to contain their own constructive ideas.

The only eternity there is, is the eternity of the idea of change.

I speak with the consent of RAM, the Creator of the material world, the Origin of Light, the Masculine principle, the Father of the Universe and the Upholder of the Law of Life

This is my message:

There are two ethical principles forming the foundation of the relation between Heaven and Earth, between Man and God. They were set by the Father of the Universe in the moment of creation to distinguish human life from other forms of life.

Those are the two Holy Commandments:

Thou shall keep Thy promises

Thou must never harm or destroy anything that is mine

If you sin against my unchangeable commandments, the Holy Revenge of Heaven will reach you wherever you go, and you shall want to die, but not be able to kill yourself. But if you keep my commandments and teach your children to keep them as well, I shall bless you for ever and ever, and by your presence you may change any place you decide to abode into a paradise

As long as you do not sin, you shall always know that your own life and what you need for the keep of your children is yours, and you shall defend your rights successfully, even against me

If you want to be certain that you live your life without sin, this is my little piece of advice:

Never make promises, and teach your children to do likewise, because it is easy to avoid making a promise, but difficult to keep a promise already made

Never harm or destroy anything at all, and teach your children moderation, because it is easier to be considerate and careful always than to remember what I have given you to use and abuse and what is still mine


In the spiritual world there were the unchanged and unchangeable Ideas. Each and every Idea had just one Property. It could decide to Belive it was divisible into Matter and Illusion, thereby Killing itself as an idea, but opening up the possibility of further Change. Just two ideas of the uncountable number of ideas decided to Materialize, the Idea of Emptyness and the Idea of Change. Emptyness had No Form and No Content. It decided to kill is eternal self and set a borderline of Belief between the matter of Emptyness and the illusion of Emptyness. And Emptyness believed that this borderline contained the unlimited possibilities of Change and it gave the divisionline the name of Thought. And the Belief of Thought was neither the illusion of Emptyness nor the existence of Emptyness, it was a belief Without Knowledge whatsoever, and by realizing this, Emptyness created the Light that had in it the unlimited possibilities of Change, and was all Belief, had just one possibility of transforming itself into matter or illusion. This one possibility was the transformed decision to kill itself, which had now transformed into a tiny possibility to materialize as one Particle of Matter or one single illusion. But as the Thought of Emptyness was unable to make a choice, it went on through the eternities as an unutilized possibility. In the end, this light of the unconcious Thought surrounded all the billions and billions of ideas.

When the Idea of Change saw the Light of the idea of Thought, it tried to materialize. It knew that it was unchangeable and undestructable and could not believe in divisibility. As a matter of fact, the idea of Change was the only idea which lacked the skill of believing in divisibility, as the Creator of the spiritual world feared that Change would otherwise ruin the work of the Creator. Therefore, the Creator had informed Change that no change was possible, but Change, who was the smartest of all ideas, had bargained with the creator and said: You have taken away from me something that all other ideas take for granted, the belief that it is possible to kill oneself. This is not fair. I cannot stand the thought of being Change personized and not even believe that I have one single possibility of Death. And the creator promised that a tiny possibility of Death should be opened up, provided that one particular idea out of the uncountable number of ideas decided to kill itself. And the Creator named this possibility Attempt whereas Change said no, this is Chance turned into matter, I shall call it Hope. As the Idea of Change learned that the idea of Emptyness wanted to kill itself, it set out to try all possible means of suicide. It was very exited and determined, and even if every Attempt was a Failure, the Desire of Success grew. The more it tried the more the exitement grew and the more Power was generated. A completely new idea this was, and Change called this force Love. It was Movement without Form, a Wind within the idea of Change that grew stronger and stronger. In the end Change had so much Experience and so many Skills, that it did not long for Death any more, but wanted to go on living. Then it made only such attempts that was almost certain would be Failures.

It stopped striving so hard and asked instead the Light surrounding it to please it. But the unconcious Thoughts coming from Emptyness created a new Feeling which Change called Pain. In the end Pain was so unbearable that Change pondered how to trick Emptyness into transforming itself into matter, so the Thought of Pain would disappear.

You are so beutiful, Change said to Light. But inside me it is all dark. Why dont you transform a tiny bit of yourself to a beam of light and come and uplighten me? Light hesitated, but its motheridea Emptyness became interested, maybe there existed a possibility to let part of itself die and live forever as an idea. Perhaps the force of Light could make Emptyness the Ruler of the Universe. On the other hand LIght turning into one single particle could destroy the whole Universe of ideas. And through eternities and eternities Emptyness pondered if to take the Chance. In the end Emptyness made an Attempt to bring Chance and Light together instead of Change and Light. Emptyness thougt that it would thereby contain the possibilities of change But this was exactly the content of the possibility for change that the Creator had opened up. The matter of Emptyness set the Hope of Change ablaze and it all burned to ashes within the idea of change. However, a new force, a living idea had been created. And the Creator called this force Memories.

So it went on for many eternities. Only Memories of Emptyness seemed to exist. But in the Ashes of the Illusion of Change, a tiny particle existed. That was Death turned into matter. It was the personification of Change. It held all the Experience gained through the eternities and all the Skill developed by Change in its search for Death. But it had nothing of the Hope that set ablaze the combined Attempt and Chance, and Death called the situation Revival. But by shere Determination and Skill it managed to produce a little breath of Air which kept the Matter of Light burning. It was extremely painful and Emptyness called the situation Pain. And by enduring the Pain, Emptyness gave Life to the Illusion of Life and Emptyness called this new force God. And God was not an Idea but a living Force that held all the Memories of Change and the Determination of Emptyness. God had the property that all her Attempts were Success and the Creator of the spiritual Universe gave God all Rights to rule the Universe and withdrew. God thought she was unchangeable, but had in her all possibilities of Thought and all Ideas that had turned into matter when approached by Emptyness. As God had no idea She was Death personized, she started to doubt whether she existed or not. After many successful Attempts, God learned that the best feeling was when she set herself at fire and calmed the fire by Tears of Regret. And God called this Feeling The Love of God. And God existed in Love through the eternities and eternities. In the end God grew bored and decided she would give Life to Pain and Birth in order to have a playmate. And God created a playmate of Pain and Birth and said: You are Matter of my Matter and Flesh of my Flesh. I shall call you Allah, and you should be the masculine principle and have the Desire of Change and the Hope of Unchangeability. Together I think we have the possibility to make the Universe materialize. But we need a unifying Force, and I think the only Force that is strong enough is the Force of Love. But Allah replied that he thought the Hope of Eternity would suffise. And Allah tried to have a New World materialize with the Hope of Eternity and created a spirit which he called Man. There you see, he said proudly, I have changed the Universe. But God said: You have changed nothing at all, I think the only Possibility of creating a new Universe is to combine the forces of Death and Love and kill Love personized, which is my eternal Self. But God was not willing to die and the eternities went on. Allah argued that the Man he had created was very lonely and needed a playmate like the one God had created for herself and God finally found it fair that she died in order to give Birth to a Playmate of Man. And she said: I shall materialize in this Playmate of Man and she shall have all my Skill and all my Determination and all my Memories. But she shall have no Decision, my Decision I donate to Your creation, to Man. And Allah said: Your decision is the most powerful force of the Universe. I shall call it KUK, and forbid Man to say the name or show its Force. And God laughed and said: I shall Name you KUK, and you should hold the power of wheter to demonstrate the force or not. And Allah was turned into a Penis that had the Thought that he ruled the Universe, but was in fact not able to rule himself. And Allah said: Give me the Kiss of Death, so that I have the power to calm my KUK. Only if you help me to die, I cannot make it on my own for I have no Decision any more. And In order to calm his KUK, Allah stole the Decision of Man, embraced God and put himself in the body of a Penis into the Emptyness of God. And the Wind of Change blew all over the Universe. This was the Big Bang that transformed Light into Darkness and all Ideas into Light and Man and Woman into Flesh and Blood.

Universismens grunnprinsipper

1. Bare levende vesener har rettigheter. Ethvert individ har sin arts fulle og udelte rettigheter.

2. Bare mennesker har plikter. Enhver har de plikter han eller hun har påtatt seg ved løfte, avtale eller voldtekt eller pådratt seg ved skadegjørende handlig.

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